When it's a question of point-of-use instrument care compliance, find the answer with Case Medical.

Point-of-use treatment is imperative for removing gross soil, preventing any remaining soil from drying on instruments, preparing for effective subsequent reprocessing steps, and maintaining patient safety. Get the tools that help you get the job done RIGHT.

Choose the right pretreatment solution:

Case Solutions Endoscope Bedside Kit

Case Solutions® Endoscopy Bedside Kit

Ideal for pre-cleaning in the procedure room, each kit includes pre-measured solution for suctioning through channels and a packet of three disposable lint-free multi-enzymatic wipes for the outer surface of the flexible endoscope. 

Benefits of the pretreatment kit:

  • Kits provide convenience and process consistency

  • Store kits wherever your facility does endoscopic procedures

  • Enzymes begin to break down bioburden immediately to help prevent the formation of biofilm

Penta Wipes Surface Cleaning Wipes-1

Penta Wipes®
Surface Cleaning Wipes 

Penta Wipes are the only multi-enzymatic non-linting disposable wipes available for removing gross soil from devices and surfaces. Convenient canisters can be placed in areas that need regular cleaning.

Benefits of the cleaning wipes:

  • Non-linting wipes can be used to clean all surfaces including counters, containers, devices

  • Wipes are impregnated with U.S. EPA Safer Choice awarded PentaZyme, a biodegradable, free-rinsing, multi-enzymatic cleaning solution

PentaPrep Multi-Enzymatic Pre-Soak

Multi-Enzymatic Pre-Soak

This validated multi-enzymatic spray removes and begins to break down soil immediately at point-of use and/or in decontamination. Effective with proteinaceous material, fats, carbohydrates, starches, and other contaminants. 

Benefits of the pretreatment spray:

  • Begins to work immediately with a range of enzymes to break down various soil types

  • Free rinsing formula easily disperses, unlike gels that create a sticky residue on instruments

  • U.S. EPA Safer Choice recognized for sustainability and safety 

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  • Case Medical cleaning solutions all feature the U.S. EPA Safer Choice label
  • We offer a full line of solutions for use at the sink and in automated equipment
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